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Durham Martial Arts Classes

It’s surprising how popular taking up martial arts is nowadays! There has been a massive increase in people looking to take it up throughout the UK and Durham is no exception to the rule. It's a great way to keep fit, it’s social, competitive and has a great team spirit. Not only are you learning something that can be useful but you’re also building concentration, focus and strength too. You can’t expect to become a professional in days but the training will pay off. There is nothing like practising that move over and over again and then in a sparring session being able to deliver it perfectly!



What’s the Best Durham Martial Art to Choose?

We can’t tell you which are the best martial arts to learn in Durham because a lot comes down to your personal choice. You should visit the club or school and see what the vibe is like, speak to some of the other people there. If you get on with them and feel comfortable, then that’s a good sign you’re in the right place!


Popular Martial Arts Classes in Durham

We’ve researched which are the most popular martial arts classes that people search for online. Are they the best martial arts to start training in? Only you can decide that!


  1. Krav Maga
  2. Muay Thai
  3. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  4. Aikido
  5. MMA


We hasten to add, that this list is only based on the number of online lookups. To see the whole selection you should – Click Here


Martial Arts for Self-Defense

Yes, it is good to know how to defend yourselves but most instructors will tell you that there is no winner when it comes to standing toe to toe with an assailant and trying to beat them. The best self defence strategy is to always escape as fast as possible and run away. What martial arts will do, is help teach you how to escape, how to break a grip, possibly disable the assailant and then get out of there! One of the key factors to your escape is confidence in the knowledge that you CAN escape.

Bartitsu Antagonistics Forum
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  • Boxing
  • Kickboxing
  • Judo
At the Bartitsu & Antagonistics Forum we are dedicated to exploring historical martial arts, teaching practical self-defence and creating a friendly environment in which to train. The core disciplines of Bartitsu are pugilism (bear knuckle boxing), Savate (French kickboxing), Jujitsu (grappling) and Cane (as well as other improvised weapons). The main weapons we teach under Antagonists are sabre, rapier, cutlass and various off hand weapons. Currently we have a single two-hour class a week so the syllabus changes regularly to give students a breadth of experience in all areas.
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Spartans Academy LTd
0 Reviews
  • Krav Maga
KRAV MAGA NEWCASTLE – SELF DEFENCE FOR EVERYONE There’s simply no better way to learn real-world self-defence skills than with our Self Defence Classes in Newcastle. We all know the world can be a dangerous place. Are you prepared to face down a challenge if you or a loved one are threatened? With the help of the Spartans Academy of Krav Maga, you can be. Boost your confidence, improve your awareness, better your mental health. Whether your aim is to learn to protect yourself and your family from dangerous situations or just feel better in your day-to-day life, we can help! Learn how to stay safe with the help of our dedicated professional and highly qualified Instructors. A fun and friendly self-defence class, you’ll be given a warm welcome by a great group of like-minded people. If you’re looking to live a safer and healthier lifestyle, look no further! Welcome to Spartans Academy, where your success story begins!
Battlehill Judo Club
0 Reviews
  • Self Defence
  • Judo
Mala Young, 4th Dan Judo, Head Coach, Club Chairman Started Judo aged 8 at Bushido Judo Kwai under Chris Dawson 7th Dan, left Judo aged 12 and returned aged 28, continued for a further 5 years before starting Battlehill Judo Club in 2003. Has trained under some high ranking Sensei's, Kondo 9th Dan (Geneva), Yamasaki 7th Dan (Japan), Hearn 9th Dan, Adams 9th Dan, Cowen 6th Dan. and regularly attends Judo master classes with GB Olympians, World and European medalists. Favourite Techniques - Tani Otoshi, Te Garuma, Kani Basami (unfortunately the last two are banned!)

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