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Are you looking for English classes in Birmingham to improve your English speaking skills? Learning English is so much easier these days thanks to English classes and courses around the globe. Because it is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, learning English is very beneficial for anyone. It opens more opportunities for business, employment, and travel. Teens and children in particular are encouraged to learn English to help them in their application to study in the UK, which is why many take English courses in Birmingham.


Other English classes in Birmingham are simply to help learners improve their vocabulary, grammar, listening, and reading skills. Become more confident in speaking in English by finding a qualified and experienced English Tutor in Birmingham.


Birmingham English Courses

One-to-one tailor-made lessons are a great way to address all your learning needs in a shorter amount of time. However, groups are increasingly becoming popular as well, especially among students from a non-English speaking country looking to study abroad. Some of the most widely taken English courses in Birmingham (including exams) are the following;  


  1. English as a Second Language (ESL) – Learning English in an English-speaking country
  2. English as a Foreign Language (EFL) – Learning English in a non-English-speaking country
  3. English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) – Learning English as a second, third, or fourth language, regardless of location
  4. International English Language System (IELTS) – A standardized test of English proficiency for non-native English speakers


Other English Language classes in Birmingham are also available.


Tips for your English Courses in Birmingham

Schools and tutors utilize creative teaching methods to encourage students to engage and enjoy while learning at the same time. But do not limit yourself to the exercises and books provided in English courses in Birmingham! Like any other language, you can improve your English faster and see bigger improvements by practising outside of your formal English classes.


If you want to study English in an encouraging and positive environment, then look no further! English Classes in Birmingham are just a few clicks away.


Achievers Tutoring
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  • English Language
100% Satisfaction Guarantee! We do everything we can to ensure a good tutoring match, but if you're not 100% satisfied then we'll pay for your first lesson with another tutor - no questions asked! We provide an individualised service based on personalised evaluation of each client and their specific needs and strengths. This takes into account the recognition that people learn in various ways and tailor our services to the most effective way of learning for each client. Our tutors have many years' experience of helping students to achieve their full potential. All our tutors are DBS checked and their qualifications verified. Our tutors go through a rigorous vetting procedure before they are approved. Our philosophy and approach to tutoring is based on four fundamental principles: Empower: We aim to equip our students by teaching and inspiring them with the required problem solving skills they need to be successful. Enhance: We raise the confidence of our students with a can do attitude by helping them to learn something new everyday Enable: Our approach is simply to make good students better by offering them the knowledge they need to be successful in this 21st century. This enables our students to exceed their expectations. Engage: Making learning fun is at the heart of everything that we do at Achievers. Our experienced and passionate tutors will arouse your interest and help you to enjoy your lessons than you have ever experienced before.
Rachel Andrews
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  • English Language
My experience of working in busy offices I have experience of using the SIMS database, also the use of other database systems at university and within defence agencies liaising with different people and ordering of stationary and answering calls and sorting out queries with customers, filing both electronic and manual. My role as a private tutor/support/team leader As a team leader I am a brownie guider and have been for over 15 years having to liaise with my team organising camps, outings and other activities, which although is a voluntary role. I regularly liaise with parents/carers on various issues whether it is face to face, email or text as some of my brownies have additional needs. Working one to one with young people developing curriculum/ activities which is geared for them, so they have a choice of what to do during the day. Whether it is a mainstream or special curriculum. Teaching basic sign along signs, creating sensory box Monday peppermint, Tuesday vanilla, Wednesday strawberry, Thursday lavender, Friday Rose. Activities that I have used are multi-sensory developing touch, making choices, smelling and exploring sensory tastes. All of the sensory activities that I use are edible as a lot of special needs young people explore using taste. Going on sensory walks, even with my mainstream clients especially the ones who are home-schooled, like to learn in the natural environment. e.g Malvern hills natural history/geography also the wyre forest natural science. My Role as a teaching assistant In my role as a teaching assistant, I have had to write annual reviews on the statemented learners in my care, listened to vulnerable learners read and assisted in supporting those who needed extra support doing homework during form time assisting with medication. Supporting the learning of statemented and school action and school action plus learners. My Role as a reading mentor Listening to the young people read, and asking them questions about what they have read to check their understanding. Also getting the young people to predict what might be coming next, talking to the young people about what their hobbies are especially if they are reluctant readers enthusing them to read. My role as a support worker for New Hope, The children have a wide range of different abilities some required the use of wheel-chairs, others had autism, and other multiple conditions. The things that I enjoy most about being a support worker is seeing that the children are having fun and are safe and happy. I have been volunteering in a special school in Evesham for children aged 2-19yrs. I have been working with a group in year3 the children are level P3 to national curriculum level 1. Under the direction of the class teacher; working with small groups, on areas of the curriculum. Whether it is Maths, English or Geography; Reading, sorting of colours and putting together equipment and clearing away as needed. Supporting the pupils during school trips shopping trips and outdoor play, making sure they are safe. Every child matters and every child can achieve. As a brownie guider I have to organise and budget for activities and liaise with my staff and with the parents by phone and face to face. Over the past four years I have worked in a busy mainstream High School, over the time that I have been at the school I have supported a range of different statemented learners, with a range of additional needs autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, muscular dystrophy, and authogryposis. All with very differing needs, some of whom needed specific one-to-one just simply for their own self-esteem and learning. My role as a play worker for Malvern Special Families, The children in my care had a wide range of different abilities some required the use of wheel-chairs, others had autism, and multiple conditions. This included working as a one to one helper with a specific child: feeding, toileting and encouraging her to use sensory toys. The things that I enjoy most about being a Play worker is seeing that the children are having fun and are safe and happy. I have experience of working in two different schools in Worcester. The first was working in a voluntary role within a school for children with mental disabilities. My most recent experience is as a teaching assistant grade 2 (supply) at a school for children with more physical disabilities. My role within both schools was as a general classroom support worker aiding the class teacher and other teaching assistants. For example helping to set out activities for the day, aiding the children to achieve what was required and clearing away afterwards. I was also involved in feeding and changing the children as required. During my time at the school I gained experience of using the sound beam. I have experienced even the most profoundly impaired child respond with either a smile or a controlled movement. I have also had experience of music therapy. The profoundly multiple learning disabilities group (pmld) enjoyed banging on the drums or the tambourine. Here the children were responding to the vibrations caused by the drum as well as to the sounds being produced. In both these activities I worked with a specific pmld child, this child actually achieved individual controlled movements during this lesson. I have a degree in Information Technology with Art and Design. I feel very strongly about the use of art as a therapy, particularly using different textures and materials like sand, clays, and paints. For example take a cup or sea shell and press it into clay, then make a plaster or modrock impression. This new structure can become part of a feely-board for a tactile response by a child. This can be used with children who might be visually impaired as well as for the pmld. I am very flexible and I am always interested in trying out new ideas. If an idea is not suitable I am able to adapt it, but I am ready to admit some tried and tested ideas are often the ones which work well.I understand the need to adopt the policies of the school with regards to child protection, and data protection.In my role as a teaching assistant, I have had to write annual reviews on the statemented learners in my care, listened to vulnerable learners read and assisted in supporting those who needed extra support doing homework during form time assisting with medication. I have an understanding of the PLTS framework and learning to learn. The primary framework and the early years foundation stage. Every child matters, all learners are unique and have very different needs, whether they are looked after, EAL or have SEBD. I have experience of many different types of learners some of whom also have different behavioural needs.I have worked with learners from year7 to year10, some were at a primary level of education in Maths, English and Science at a level between 2b and 4b. I have seen many different types of learners, especially working closely with these year groups in Design Technology. As the learners were statemented, and had speech and language difficulties. English plays a very big part in all subjects as these learners needed quite a lot of support with writing in the way of scribing and also typing ideas and talking through what the learners mean.
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Louisa Enock
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  • ESL
I have worked in Japan and the UK for over 30 years. I believe in always finding new areas to improve in or advancing my skills. I also believe that lessons must be fun and challenging.

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