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Kundalini Yoga Watford

The term Kundalini literally translates to ‘coiled snake’ and refers to the dormant spiritual energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine. The point of Kundalini Yoga is to awaken this divine energy for a more fulfilling life, as this type of yoga stimulates the consciousness of mind, body, and spirit. Watford Kundalini Yoga Classes are suitable for all levels, from beginners to practitioners of other types of yoga.


Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

The benefits of regularly practicing Kundalini Yoga can manifest in various ways. Physically, regularly taking Kundalini Yoga Classes in Watford boosts energy levels, increases lung capacity, strengthens the nervous system, increases intuition, and overall can transform your life and relationships. Of courses it also provides benefits that are true of most other yoga styles such as increased flexibility, stress alleviation, and a stronger core.


Kundalini Yoga Classes Watford

Each class will be different. Kundalini Yoga Classes in Watford combines meditation, posture, mantra, and the expression of power and energy. As you can imagine, there are countless combinations possible with these elements. The class begins by ‘tuning in’ with a mantra, followed by a warm up, then the main kriya or a sequence of exercises, relaxation, meditation, and finally, closing. Classes are very simple yet powerful.

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Kundalini yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) is an ancient technology and science that activates health, potential and capacity. It works with powerful and relaxing breathing, visualisation, dynamic asanas (postures) mantras (chants) along with mudras (hand gestures). It is taught in kriyas (a series of postures) that are designed to bring about a transformation and balance through working a particu ...

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