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Join the Kizomba dance craze weekdays or why not try a Friday, Saturday or Sunday! Beginner to advanced Kizomba classes & workshops or just come to a VENUE in Kingston upon Thames and Dance! You'll love the social side of this dance - It's AFFORDABLE & FUN!
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Kizomba Classes Kingston upon Thames

Kizomba classes are exciting and are ideal for anyone who loves partner dances. It's easy to follow movements and slow music will allow any beginner to enjoy social dancing even after the first classes. The key aspects of learning to dance kizomba are closeness and subtlety, all of which you will learn during classes for beginners. There are also courses aimed for Improvers. Even if you currently do not have a partner, singles are welcome to join kizomba classes in Kingston upon Thames alone or with friends today!


What is Kizomba?

Kizomba is a popular dance and music genre that originated in Angola during the early 1980s. The name Kizomba means “party” in the Angolan language. Being a partner dance, it is characterized by rhythmic, slow and sensually smooth music and movements, and a deep connection between partners. The closeness and warmth of the dance make kizomba classes in Kingston upon Thames a great activity for couples.


What to expect in Kizomba Classes Kingston upon Thames

Beginner kizomba classes in Kingston upon Thames teach the foundations of the moves before you can move up to more complex movements. This includes common step patterns and leading/following basics. Ladies, it is recommended to wear something comfortable to move in such as leggings or jeggings, a tank top, and short heels. For men, opt for something light and comfortable such as jeans and a shirt, and sneakers that will allow you to turn easily.

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