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Karate Training in East London

Taking up karate especially if you've never tried any martial art before might seem intimidating, but remember that today's masters were once complete beginners too. Karate is one of the most famous and popular martial arts in the world thanks in part to movies, but it's entirely possible for you to learn karate with the help of qualified instructors at karate clubs in East London. You'll have no trouble finding karate classes for beginners to advanced whether it's for adults or children, men or women. There are several styles of karate to choose from but what they all have in common are three aspects: Kihon (basic training), Kumite (sparring, and Kata (formal exercise.)


Benefits of Karate Training

There are many different and distinct types of martial arts, and karate can be further broken down into several sub-styles. Popular styles of Karate in East London and the rest of UK include Goju-Ryu Karate, Shotokan Karate, Kyokushin Karate, and Shukokai Karate. Though varying in form of stances, area of focus, lineage, and kata (choreographed patterns of movement), what they all have in common is the practice of physical and mental discipline. Adults can benefit from karate through increased flexibility, improved endurance and balance, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and improved heart health. Teenagers and children who take up karate training will have stronger and healthier bodies, have a sense of belonging and achievement, and develop discipline and self-confidence. 


Tips for Karate Classes in East London

Get the most out of your karate training by preparing your mind and body before it even starts. There's always a danger in thinking either 'this is too easy, why do I need to do this' and 'this is too difficult, I can't do this.' You will be tasked to repeat certain drills and techniques; regardless of how easy or difficult it is for you, the point is to build the foundation for the advanced moves. If you have any questions or concerns don't be afraid to speak with your instructor. Perhaps the most challenging part of it all is taking the first step of booking your Karate classes in East London. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’re committing to a full course. It is, however, a fantastic way to see if Karate training is for you!

Kempo Jujitsu  Self Defence
0 Reviews
Atemi Karate-Jutsu is part of Kempo Jujitsu Self Defence the system contains the most effective self defence techniques found in many different martial arts and is extremely effective for self protection. ...
Eagle Eye WCKD
0 Reviews
Wu'Chi Kwon Do is a martial arts school teaching Free Style Karate, which incorporates traditional art and full contact street fighting, kick boxing, stick fighting, Judo and self defence against empty hand and weapon attack. This style can be both competitive and non-competitive. Wu'Chi Kwon Do literally means 'fist of nothingness'. All students will be graded once they h ...
0 Reviews
Deciding who is the winner and who is the loser is not the ultimate objective. Karate-Do is a martial art designed to develop character training, so that the karate-ka can surmount any obstacle, tangible and intangible. Karate-Do is an empty-handed art of self-defence. The arms and legs are trained systematically and an enemy attacking by surprise can be brought under control by a demonstration of ...

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