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Olympic judo has helped this martial art become more known worldwide. Its most prominent feature is holding and using leverage to unbalance an opponent, allowing you to throw and pin them on the ground. Judo is designed in that even a smaller person, with the right use of technique, will be able to subdue a larger person. As such, it has real-life applications for self defence. Judo classes in Sheffield are open to people of all walks of life - all ages, gender, and fitness levels. There are adult judo classes in Sheffield and there are also classes for children and teenagers. First-timers can take beginner judo classes even without experience in other martial arts, and there are also intermediate to advanced classes for those progressing through judo. Look for Judo classes in Sheffield to get involved in this dynamic sport!


Benefits of Judo Classes

Through classes at one of the Judo clubs in Sheffield you will learn the striking, grappling and throwing techniques that shouldn't be tried without a qualified instructor. One of the most important aspects of judo that is not very common in martial arts is the practice of breakfall skills. You'll be learning how to fall 'properly' to minimise damage and in a way you can effectively recover. Breakfall skills are also useful in every day life especially if you're prone to falling or slipping. 


Judo training helps you become stronger, faster, more flexible, and get fit. Continuous practice will help you with improve coordination, have a better sence of balance, and even have improved reaction time. It will also teaches you the value of hard work, perseverance, and to control impulse and emotion. Overall, judo training in Sheffield is a great activity for children and adults alike. Find a judo club in Sheffield near you and book a class today! 


Tips for Judo Classes in Sheffield 

The proper judo outfit depends on the Judo Club in Sheffield you choose. Inquire if you will be required to wear a judo suit (called gi) and if so, where they would recommend you to get one. For first-timers at a taster judo class you or your child might be okay with sticking with casual clothing such as jogging bottoms and a tshirt. Make sure to remove all jewelries and other accessories. Long hair should be tied by an elastic band; avoid using metal clips or anything with hard metal studs. Judo also places high importance in hygiene such as keeping nails short, regularly washing uniform, covering cuts or wounds with bandages, showering before class, and avoiding using footwear on the mat. And of course, a bottle of water and towels are always a must have for any workout.

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