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Iyengar Yoga Harrow

Iyengar Yoga was named after B.K.S. Iyengar, who is credited with bringing the practice of yoga to the Western world and making it more accessible to anyone. It is derived from Hatha Yoga but pays a great degree of attention to alignment, sequencing, and timing.


Once you start taking Iyengar Yoga Harrow classes you’ll learn that precision is key even if you’re a complete beginner. Don’t worry – Iyengar still acknowledges that students will have different capabilities and health conditions. To keep Iyengar Yoga accessible to anyone, props such as blankets may be used so students of all ages can perform the poses with ease. 


Who can take Iyengar Yoga Classes?

If you’re one who likes to pay attention to all the little details, Iyengar Yoga is for you! Another point of consideration is that poses in Iyengar Yoga Classes Harrow are carefully calibrated and may be slow-paced. A lot of patience is required! Otherwise, Iyengar Yoga welcomes people of all ages and levels. Why not book a class today and see if it’s for you?


Benefits of Iyengar Yoga

Here’s the great thing about Iyengar Yoga – instead of jumping from one pose to another, you will be able to master each pose as best as you can before moving on to the next one. Focusing on alignment also means a calmer mind as you’ll distracted from other thoughts. Improved posture is another great benefit of Iyengar yoga, not to mention stronger muscles, pain relief, and increased flexibility.

Silver Yoga
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Liz is a devoted Iyengar practitioner and as a result her classes are influenced by this form of yoga which focuses on structural alignment of the physical body through the development of asanas (positions) with the use of props such as belts, ropes, blocks, bricks, bolsters and chairs. Iyengar Yoga classes are highly verbal and precise, with misalignments and errors actively corrected. By the p ...
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Iyengar yoga is a system of teaching which is methodical and progressive, emphasising detailed correctness and absolute safety. When necessary, it uses supports called ‘props’ that allow students to progress in their practice of postures safely at their own pace, to suit their body. This is a general level class and not suitable for complete beginners. It is characterised by precision ...

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