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Hot Yoga Peterborough

Hot Yoga is an umbrella term for any type of yoga done in a heated room. The heat increases the heart rate, flushes out toxins, and aids weight loss. It also allows the muscles and ligaments to become more flexible so you can do the postures a little more deeply and safely. The main styles used in Hot Yoga Peterborough classes are Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga. Bikram Yoga is also technically a type of hot yoga, but we have a separate page where you can view Bikram Yoga Classes.


Am I fit to do Hot Yoga?

It is not a pre-requisite for Hot Yoga Peterborough classes to be lean nor flexible. If anything, those who need help with flexibility can really benefit from regular yoga sessions! However, it is important to be aware of your current physical condition. Consult with a doctor especially if you have heart problems or difficulty breathing before trying hot yoga. Even if you’re unable to work out in the heat, there are still other types of Yoga you can try!


Stress Relief with Hot Yoga Peterborough Classes

Getting into the poses while listening to music is a great way to tune out from stressful thoughts and release tension from the body. There’s also a sense of satisfaction of taking on the challenge and getting through the other side. Knowing that you have the discipline and perseverance to push through the workout will make you feel you can take on anything. Overall, taking a Hot Yoga Peterborough Class at least once can be a great confidence booster!


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