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Hot Yoga Gloucester

Sweat the toxins out of your body through Hot Yoga Gloucester Classes! There are plenty of studios to select from that offer a wide variety of hot yoga sessions, so don’t be afraid to try a few until you find the one you like. When considering a Hot Yoga Gloucester studio, have a look through their offerings to see if they offer classes that are suitable to your level.


The Difference Between Hot Yoga & Bikram Yoga

Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga are not synonymous. Bikram Yoga Classes are often hotter and do not deviate from its set of 26 poses and very specific sequence. On the other hand, Hot Yoga Classes are typically Hatha, Vinyasa, or Yin yoga done in a heated room. They vary from studio to studio in terms of the temperature, poses, duration, music, and even ambience! Hot Yoga in Gloucester also allows interaction between fellow students and the instructor. As such, you may have to try out a few classes to see which one suits you best.


Tips Before Doing Hot Yoga

Expect to sweat a lot! Arrive to your Hot Yoga Gloucester class well-hydrated and bring a water bottle to replenish as needed. The appropriate attire is breathable fabric that doesn’t become see-through when wet. Wear tight-fitting clothes to prevent extra fabric that could weigh you down once it’s soaked in sweat. Less is more – stick to shorts and a sports bra if you can to lessen discomfort from wet fabric clinging to your skin. Avoid eating heavy at least two hours before class and most importantly, have fun!

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