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Which Type of Guitar to Learn in Salisbury?

Learning the guitar is one of the most popular instruments to learn. There are a number of different types of guitar you can take lessons in Salisbury on but once you’ve started learning one, you’ll be able to decide which type suits you best and specialise in it.


You can typically choose between:


We have teachers for each type of guitar lessons in Salisbury, so you have a great selection to choose from!


Which Salisbury Guitar Lessons to Choose?

When choosing your guitar teacher in Salisbury, you should be looking at their experience in teaching, the reviews they’ve received and the amount of recognition they give their students. Depending on the level you wish to reach, you’ll want to check if they can teach to GCSE, A-Level or degree curriculums or if they follow the grade system set out by ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music).


Please remember that learning must be FUN so make sure the guitar lessons in Salisbury you choose are from a teacher that is interested in the same type of music you like. Do you want to play Jazz, Rock, Blues or Pop? Make the right choice by asking if they offer lessons in what you’re interested in!

Adrian Baitrum
0 Reviews
  • Electric Guitar
I have been playing guitar for 28 years now. Playing mainly rock music but can tailor my lessons to pretty much any style. If you are a total novice or just need some pointers I can help with my 1-1 lessons.
Alex Bett
0 Reviews
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Ukulele
Hi, I have been teaching guitar and ukulele for nearly 15 years both within school and privately. I teach all ages and all stages of player. I specialise in teaching acoustic guitar and ukulele. I can prepare you for exams. I have experience preparing students for LCME and Rockschool exams. I can teach at your home or online.
Nick Minnion
0 Reviews
  • Acoustic Guitar
1:1 Guitar Lessons in NEW MILTON with globally renowned guitar teacher Nick Minnion Blues, Jazz, Rock, Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly, Folk, Country - all popular styles From complete beginners to advanced professionals - all levels Performance and music production coaching also available More than 25 years full-time guitar teaching experience guarantees your best possible progress! CALL, TEXT OR EMAIL NICK NOW to arrange a 1:1 lesson Whatever your level of guitar playing experience, from complete beginner to experienced pro musician, Nick can help you progress to the next step as efficiently and easily as possible. As A BEGINNER you might use lessons with Nick to: get advice on what guitar to buy and where to buy it get started on Acoustic or Electric guitar. get advice on how to get the most from your amplifier or other equipment learn the best way to hold down and change chord shapes work through your first song build a repertoire of songs ideal for beginners work on your favourite song that you want to learn in spite of it being too difficult for your level! overcome specific physical difficulties like playing certain awkward chord shapes adapt your learning according to specific learning problems like dyslexia learn how to finger pick start learning how to improvise learn blues, rock, folk, country or jazz guitar styles As an INTERMEDIATE PLAYER you might use lessons with Nick to: get advice on what guitar to upgrade to and how to go about buying it get advice on converting from acoustic to electric (or vice versa) learn the basics of Guitar Music Theory to help speed up your progress learn to improvise learn lead guitar prepare to play in a band as lead or rhythm guitarist learn fret board orientation so you can find all your notes, chords, scales etc easily learn specific solos note for note learn specific rhythm techniques like funk, reggae, ska, jazz fingerstyle etc… develop your jazz guitar skills As an ADVANCED PLAYER you might use lessons with Nick to: complete your knowledge of the basics of Guitar Music Theory master fret board orientation (play any key, scale, chord, arpeggio or mode in any position, in any key, in any direction without hesitation) learn more about fulfilling specific roles in a band learn the basics of music production learn the basics of songwriting or composition learn to transcribe music develop your improvising skills As a PRO musician you might use lessons with Nick to: help prepare for an audition help prepare for a specific performance help with an acting role involving guitar playing help with switching roles in a band (from rhythm to lead guitarist for example) appraisal of original songwriting or solo creation appraisal of music production projects Nick has been playing guitar for 50 years, teaching guitar and musical performance skills for more than 40 years and training guitar teachers and tutors of other instruments for more than 25 years. CALL, TEXT OR EMAIL NICK NOW to arrange a 1:1 lesson

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