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French Courses Hemel Hempstead

Learning French for beginners might seem like a daunting task, but patience is key. After all, being able to speak a new language is more than about knowing the words and the grammar. It’s also about understanding a whole other culture! This’s why it’s incredibly beneficial to have an experienced tutor by your side rather than having to figure it all out by yourself.


The Classes A2Z community consists of professional teachers and tutors with a wide range of qualifications and experiences. Under French Courses Hemel Hempstead are private lessons and group classes for children and adults. There are French classes in Hemel Hempstead that cater to all levels and for different budgets to make learning French possible for everyone.


Common French Phrases & French Classes Hemel Hempstead


Finding the Right French Classes for You

You may want to learn French for travel, to improve employability, to make friends, or to impress others. Knowing more than one language also helps confidence and is known to help boost overall brain function, and improve a person’s decision-making skills. The best part about it is that anyone eager to learn French can do so by finding the type of lessons that suit you best.


Too busy on weekdays? Those who work or study during the day search for Evening French Classes Hemel Hempstead or Weekend French Classes Hemel Hempstead in order to fit it in their busy schedule. Unable to commit several months? Look for an intensive French course to help you learn to speak, read, and write French in a shorter amount of time!


Ready to learn French the right way? Start your linguistic journey by sending an enquiry to any French teacher under French Lessons Hemel Hempstead today!

Ecole Nicole- French & Spanish for all
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We provide French tuition and Spanish tuition for private or group lessons, either at your home, your place of work or a tutor’s home within Enfiel, North London and surrounding areas. We cater for children with our popular language clubs, for teenagers with, excellent grades at GCSE/A-level French and Spanish and for adults who are looking for that “va va voom”. When contacting Ecole Nicole, you will always speak with Deborah Cheney who will assess your requirements by asking details about the level of French/Spanish of the learner, the reasons for tuition e.g. the exam board for French GCSE/A-level and Spanish GCSE/A-level, predicted grade and school. After this conversation, Deborah will firstly allocate the best French tutor or Spanish tutor for your needs and will then monitor how the lessons are going through regular contact with you. Unlike some other language companies, we believe in providing you with that personal touch All the tutors at Ecole Nicole are native speakers or have a high proficiency level, with full CRB checks, who believe in expanding everyone’s knowledge and potential to their maximum. Enthusiasm and passion is a key point in teaching, to help the learning.
Virgile Language Training
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Bonjour I run French classes in Ealing for adults. It is mainly conversational but we also do grammar points for 30mn. We also read French articles, listen to some audios , do role plays and talk about different subjects ( it can be how to make our favorite recipe, Brexit issues, Ecology, the plastic issues, the way we consume.. but also simply what we have done during the week. It can be very varied and the subjects are more complex if the level in French is higher.
Nick Dale
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I’m an Oxford English graduate, and I’ve been working as a private tutor and schoolmaster since 2009 after several years as a strategy consultant. I teach English, Maths and French plus most other Common Entrance and GCSE/IGCSE subjects (and photography). I’m based in Putney and have given private lessons to 501 students of all ages, including some with dyslexia, autism, ADHD and other Special Educational Needs. I’ve taught Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning to 53 pupils, Maths to 263 and English to 351. That includes 56 trainee teachers and 262 school entry candidates, mostly at 11+ and 13+, some of whom have now won places at schools such as Harrow, St Paul’s and Eton. I’ve taught 63 of my students online using Skype and carried out residential assignments in Belarus, Greece, Hong Kong, Kenya, Russia, Switzerland and Turkey.

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