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Before taking Driving Lessons in Redhill…

Taking driving lessons in Redhill is not just about passing the tests and earning your driving licence. Being a competent driver is important for your safety and the safety of others! Before taking the driving tests or even taking lessons for driving you will need a provisional licence. Learner drivers must have visible L plates on the front and back of the vehicle when driving; in Wales you may use D plates.


Manual or Automatic?

Choosing between manual and automatic driving lessons in Redhill is always a matter of preference. Anyone can learn one and then the other much later on but it’s still important to choose wisely. Manual driving takes a bit more work to learn and to practise as you’ll be dealing with three pedals (clutch, brake, and accelerator) and four to six gears. Its biggest benefits are being cost efficient and providing the driver with greater control over the vehicle. On the other hand, automatic vehicles are becoming more and more affordable and are easier to learn.


For your convenience, driving schools and driving instructors in Redhill offer classes and courses for both types here:


  1. Automatic Driving Lessons
  2. Manual Driving Lessons


A good rule of thumb is to stick with whatever type of car you’re will most likely drive after getting your licence. However, it’s worth noting that if you have a licence for automatic cars only and eventually need to drive a manual, you will need to upgrade your licence by passing another driving test.  


How many hours of driving lessons in Redhill do I need?

Technically there is no minimum number of hours or lessons a learner driver must practise driving. Everyone learns at a different pace; there are plenty who will be able to get by with an intensive driving course, while others may need standard driving courses. This depends on an individual’s ability to pick up the lessons and whether they practise outside of the formal classes. How much you already know about driving and road safety is also a factor. In general learner drivers have 40 hours of driving lessons in Redhill and on average will need to take the tests twice. The more you spend time practising behind the wheel before taking the practical test, the higher your chances of passing.

Herbie Driving School
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  • Automatic Driving
Herbie Driving School is a local driving school and operate throughout west London, providing driving lessons in Hounslow, Twickenham, Osterley, Isleworth and Teddington. Driving Lesson prices can differ considerably between driving instructors. - Most learner drivers use the “near me” approach when they are considering taking lessons. Choosing a local school is important to them. - Searching online to find a local reputable driving school is the easiest method, customer reviews help with your learning decision & these days you will find most schools who advertise online have them. - Driving courses can consist of practical lessons in automatic vehicles or manual and you have the option of a female teachers or male teachers. - Searching for the terms recommended or top rated instructors can help to find the best schools in the area, rather than simply looking for the best deals - Beginner learner car packages are readily available for those just starting out. There are many driving schools around West London but they don’t come any bigger than Herbie Driving School. This highly reputable company has become a leading supplier of driving lessons partly thanks to the quality and structured tuition it provides. Today’s driving schools provide discounts for beginners and new students as the industry becomes highly competitive. We are no different however we try to bring something different to the table & our most popular package, the “Try Us and See” deal, enables learners to try us out first before proceeding with any future lessons. We also offer huge discounts to anyone committing to a block of ten lessons or more and if you’re not entirely satisfied with any part of our service, we’ll refund you in full. Our online review section has helped us become one of the top rated schools in West London. It provides us with the knowledge we need to know what our customers want. From there on in we are able to sell our training courses & individual lessons knowing full well they meet our customers needs. We have strict policies & guidelines which our driving instructors already follow allowing for best practice & client centred learning. These are now the benchmark for instruction throughout the industry. Actual driving lessons are available with either female or male teachers ensuring our customers are at ease whilst carrying out their lessons. All our lessons are set out in a logical way starting with initial training in a very quiet housing estate. This enables you to gain confidence mastering the controls of the car without the distraction of busy roads. As you learn more within this environment you will grow in experience which will give you the ability to handle more difficult procedures from the learning syllabus. We encourage our customers to practice with family or friends wherever possible. As they say, practice makes perfect & learning to drive is no different. Your lesson report should be able to assist you in identifying areas where you might need more practice. You should find practicing in areas that you have already been learning on your driving lessons more beneficial than trying to master new techniques you haven’t covered yet It is recommended you get your theory test done as early as possible as you will then understand the practicalities of driving before you get behind the wheel of a car. Your driving instructor will also be able to book your practical test as soon as you are ready without any delays. When you can master your driving lessons without any serious errors you’re ready to take your test. It is important leading up to your test date that you try to get in as much practice as you can. Many students blame nerves when they fail their test but if you can drill procedures in to your head through regular practice you stand a better chance of achieving a pass. We have a very high 1st time pass rate at Herbie Driving School solely because we follow the structured steps we have outlined earlier. When our customers arrive at the test centre, they usually feel confident they will pass and generally they do first time.

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