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Why Dance Classes are Good for You

Everyone dances. Each of us have the capacity to dance, whether it’s that little wiggle we sometimes do when we take the first bite of our favourite dish or the little head bobs while listening to music. Why not take it a step further and take dance classes in Southampton? This could be your chance to fulfill a childhood dream, improve in your current discipline, develop better self-esteem, dance your stress away, and have a fitter, healthier body. You can also do it as a productive way to spend time with your partner, family, and friends. Or you might want to enroll your child in dance classes to keep them active, improve social development, and develop a sense of discipline. There are so many reasons to take up dance; good thing there’s a wide range of dance classes can be found in Southampton!  


What’s the Best Style of Dance to Choose?

It’s entirely up to you. There are so many genres of dance (some of which can be further divided to different styles) that there’s bound to be something for everyone. We did a search to see which styles are most searched online, and it includes the following:


  1. Ballroom Dancing
  2. Salsa
  3. Ballet
  4. Street Dance
  5. Pole Dancing
  6. Zumba (technically not a style of dance, but still a dance fitness program)


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Taking Dance Classes in Southampton

If you’re still unsure which you one you want to spend time learning, you can watch a few videos to get a look at the dance styles and gauge whether it’s something you’d like to do. Many studios offer tasters wherein you can book a single dance class in Southampton so you can decide whether you’d like to enroll for a full course. You’ll find dance classes available for beginners to improvers, so be sure to choose one that’s suitable to your current level!

Tracie's Latin Club
0 Reviews
  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Salsa
  • Bachata
TLC have been teaching Salsa since 1996! Tracie and her team of teachers aim to provide a special place where you can learn to dance in a fun, safe and protected environment. We offer not only expert dance tuition at very affordable prices, but we also give a very warm welcome to everyone, giving lots of encouragement and ‘tlc’ – hence the name Tracie’s Latin Club. We are very passionate about our dancing and believe that if everyone danced, the world would be a much better place. We create a ‘family’ atmosphere, where everyone dances together and there is a ‘say yes’ policy (i.e. no-one refuses a dance in the house of TLC!) Our classes are designed to teach you how to social dance, rather than learn a set routine which you need to dance with a partner who has learnt the same routine. Therefore, although classes may be taught including a routine, the focus is on learning how to be able to lead and follow the moves so that they can be used interchangeably in improvised social dancing, with any partner. This allows far greater expression, variety, spontaneity and sociability. We try to allay your fears and concerns and ensure you have the confidence before suggesting you join the next level. There are no exams at TLC! So it’s all about when YOU are ready and when YOU are comfortable to move up.
Dancewise Studios Ltd
0 Reviews
  • Hip Hop Dance
  • Ballet
  • Tap Dance
Dancewise is so much more than a dance studio. We are your family, your second home. We’re your port in the storm and somewhere you can come to feel inspired, happy, supported, loved, accepted and safe. We bring the underdogs together and transform them into the stars they were always meant to be. The way we achieve this transformation? Simple. Our trademark passion and positivity.
Olga Vikhrova
0 Reviews
  • Ballet
  • Pole Dancing
Former Russian ballet dancer, when stopped dancing professionally, I decided to continue my fitness routine. After years of research, made my own, which I consider best for me. Now customers staying with me up to 10 years, regularly taking classes. It works best for me and my clients, well tested by time, safest exercise, and I constantly search for improvements. Classes and private lessons on Zoom, in English and Russian Languages.

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