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Contemporary Dance Classes Sheffield

Push your boundaries with the breath-taking moves, graceful and artistic steps of contemporary dance. Contemporary dance classes in Sheffield will develop your technical, creative and performance skills for you to become a versatile and creative dancer. There are a variety of contemporary dance classes for beginners, as well as for intermediate and advanced learners. Have a look through the studios and instructors at Classes A2Z to find the right contemporary dance classes in Sheffield for you.


What is Contemporary Dance?

Contemporary Dance is a popular form of expressive dance that incorporates the elements of several dances such as lyrical Jazz, Classical Ballet and Modern dance. It was developed during the 20th century and has become one of the dominant genres for formally-trained dancers around the world, especially in the United States and Europe. Contemporary dance promotes self-expression and improvisation over structured choreography. In contrast to ballet, dancers experiment with manipulating their cores and embracing gravity through deliberate falls.


Why should you take Contemporary Dance Classes?

Taking contemporary dance classes in Sheffield even just once a week will let you tap into your creativity and connect with your emotions in a positive environment. It will help you learn to understand and control how your body moves and will provide you with an outlet for expressing individuality. Best of all, contemporary classes are open to all ages, genders, levels, shapes, and sizes. First timers can benefit from basic contemporary dance classes for beginners in order to learn the basic techniques and from there you can progress. It’s never too late to learn this artistic and expressive style of dance!

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