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Capoeira: Martial Arts or Dance? 

Capoeira is a beautiful combination of dance, acrobatics, and martial art. It was developed at the beginning of the 16th century by African slaves in Brazil as a means of self-defence under the guise of a dance. Today you can learn these very skills at a martial arts school near you that offers capoeira classes in St. Albans. There are lessons and courses available for all levels, whether you're new to the scene or have been practicing for some time now.


There are no special gear or skills required in order to get started with capoeira. Don't be like the others who are interested in learning but think they lack the acrobatic or gymnastic abilities. Those skills will be part of what you'll learn in capoeira classes in St. Albans! Even if you're unable to do cartwheels or handstands today, you may be surprised with what your body is capable of doing after several classes. 


Benefits of Capoeira Classes St. Albans

Capoeira classes in St. Albans lets you immerse in a unique heritage of Brazilian culture while learning to fight and to dance. You can consider each class a very productive way to spend your time because you're learning so many things at once! In addition, the practice will help you stretch and strengthen the muscles, burn calories, and develop your stamina, balance and coordination. Practicing capoeira at your chosen martial arts school in St. Albans provides opportunities for physical and social growth. 


What to Expect in Capoeira Classes St. Albans

Not all martial arts schools in St. Albans will offer lessons in capoeira, but a quick search on our website should make it easier for you to find them. For first-timers, don't worry about learning the acrobatic parts. That doesn't usually come until much later, after you've built a solid foundation to learn more advanced capoeira moves. Sign up for capoeira classes in St. Albans today!


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Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial Art that combines self-defence, acrobatics, music, singing and culture into one unique art form. It originates from the Brazilian-African slave trade, where slaves were banned from practising self-defence and therefore hid it with fluid, graceful dance-like moves. It is a great way to exercising the body and mind. You will develop your upper body, abdominal and l ...

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