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What is Ballet?

Ballet originated from a courtroom dance in the Italian Renaissance in the 15th century. It is known worldwide for the dancers' graceful movements that aim to tell a story and express emotions. In 17th century France it was further developed into a "theatre dance", performed for an audience. As much as it can express emotions, watching or dancing ballet is also very powerful in evoking emotions. Popular styles of ballet include classical ballet, neo-classical ballet, and contemporary ballet. If you wish to take ballet classes in East London, have a look at the offerings of our listed ballet schools and instructors to find the perfect match for you!


Adult Ballet Classes East London

It is a widely believed myth that ballet classes are exclusively for children, that once you're past a certain age the ship has sailed. This is completely false. If you didn't already know, adults can also take up beginners’ ballet classes in East London! There are far too many people who wish they had learned to dance ballet in their childhood but feel that it is too late for them. Do not let this discourage you from achieving your goals! While there are plenty of ballet classes in East London for children, but there are also adult ballet classes in East London that welcome complete beginners.


Benefits of Ballet Classes East London

There is more to ballet than meets the eye. Learning to dance gracefully is not the only benefit that you will get from ballet classes in East London. Training in ballet is good for your mind and body as it sharpens your cognitive memory function, improves your flexibility, tightens core muscles and promotes good posture. Ballet can also help you become incredibly fit - the body of a ballet dancer may seem frail, but it takes a lot of strength and control to be able to do those moves! Be consistent in your training and you'll soon be surprised with what you're capable of doing if you put enough effort into it.

Ballet Classes are available for Children from the age of 4 years & for Adults. Students have the opportunity to do Ballet Exams under the auspices of the I.S.T.D. (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) if they wish. ...

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