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Bachata Classes Merton

Bachata is all about the hips and the attitude! Though it is a social dance, bachata moves can also be learned and performed alone. The basic steps are three side-to-side steps and a tap, and as you start feeling the rhythm and flow more you can progress to more complicated twists and turns. Bachata dance has become increasingly popular around the world and there's no reason you should be missing out. It shouldn't be a problem finding beginner to advanced bachata classes in Merton!


What is Bachata?

Bachata is a music and social dance originating from the Dominican Republic. The steps are primarily side to side rather than forwards and backwards. The different styles of bachata include Dominican-style Bachata, Traditional Bachata, Urban Bachata, Bachata Moderna, and Bachatatango. If you have a particular preference, make sure you inquire the dance studio or instructor regarding the style of bachata classes in Merton they offer.


Benefits of Bachata

What makes bachata so popular? Dancers and non-dancers alike enjoy watching bachata dances because when done right, the movements are captivating and the confidence exuded by the dancers can be motivating. It also helps that bachata music can really get you grooving. Try bachata out for yourself to get a good exercise while having the time of your life! Taking bachata lessons in Merton will also help you be more in tune with your body coordination as well as with reading body language (as you would have to constantly be in sync with your partner). A huge plus is being able to show off your dance moves and impress not just your peers but also yourself!

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Learn to dance Bachata, in different venues and days: Excellent Instructors. Small groups No need to have a partner Discount for couples and blocks of lessons You're sure to enjoy our classes! just send us an enquiry and we'll give you more details.

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