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Batchata Classes

The sexy Latin dance Bachata is the relaxed, often more affectionate cousin of salsa. During your first few bachata classes in Croydon, you’ll be practicing how to do basic Cuban hip movements and work your way up to more complex turns and steps. Building a good foundation will help you learn how to improvise whether you're leading or following. In addition, taking classes is also a great way to meet and dance with new people. Feel the music and fascinate the crowd with your moves through bachata classes in Croydon!


What is Bachata?

Bachata is a popular partner dance in the UK Latin dance scene, in part due to its hypnotic hip movements and addicting music. The basics aren’t very complicated at all, making it suitable for beginners with no dance experience whatsoever. Another reason people enjoy taking bachata classes in Croydon is that once you’ve got the basic steps down there’s plenty of room to interpret the music as you’d like! Still, there's always a room for progress, so you will surely not get bored with dancing and learning bachata.


What to expect in Bachata Classes Croydon

Taking Latin dance classes is always a wonderful, invigorating experience. Bachata in particular involves learning to pour your heart and soul into the dance. The lack of strict steps makes it easy to adapt to various music accompaniment. When taking your first of many bachata class in Croydon be sure to wear comfortable clothing that provides full mobility at the shoulders, elbows, and knees. For footwear, start off with any shoes with slippery soles to allow easy spinning. Expect to meet plenty of new people and have a lot of fun!

Learn to dance Bachata, in different venues and days: Excellent Instructors. Small groups No need to have a partner Discount for couples and blocks of lessons You're sure to enjoy our classes! just send us an enquiry and we'll give you more details. ...

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