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If you're able to visti an Aikido club in Hull and watch a class, you'll notice that aikido is quite different from other martial arts. For one, it uses traditional Japanese weapons such as a short staff, wooden sword, or knife. Another thing that stands out is its emphasis on teaching practitioners to defend themselves without injuring the attacker. When you take Aikido classes in Hull you will learn a type of self-defence to effectively disarm an attacker with minimal effort, without causing them serious injury. Aikido clubs in Hull welcome practitioners of all levels, from beginner to advanced. 


What to expect from Aikido Classes?

Like any other martial art, Aikido is a physical activity. Aikido classes in Hull include warm up and cool down routines. Wear comfortable clothing that is loose enough for you to move in easily - choose bottoms that fall below the knees to avoid mat burn. The training uniform or Gi usually isn't required for at least a couple of weeks into regular lessons, but please do check with your Aikido club of choice. 


Tips for Beginners

Is this going to be your first time to attend an Aikido class in Hull? We recommend coming to class early to ease yourself into the environment or ask questions before it starts. Hygiene is extremely important, especially in your hands and feet. As said by Aikido founder Morihei Uesiba, “Progress comes to those who train and train. Reliance on secret techniques will get you nowhere.” Aikido is definitely not something you can learn overnight, and the journey through progress is really what makes the experience and skills you learn more valuable. Regularly attending classes at your chosen Aikido club in Hull can increase your quality of life thanks to the health benefits it provides both mentally and physically. 


Aikido Dojo Hull

Join other aikido practitioners who can support you in your journey of learning at an honorable Aikido club in [area_subarera]. Aikido training is no joke and is definitely not something you can excel in on your own. The challenges are part of the excitement – keep on pushing your limits and doing your best in your Aikido classes and you’ll gradually feel your physique, technique, and even your mood improving.


The most challenging part of it all is taking the first step of booking your Aikido classes. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’re committing to a full course. It is, however, a fantastic way to see if Aikido training is for you!

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