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Aerial Yoga North East London Classes

First let’s clarify a couple of popular myths about aerial yoga: that it’s only for people who already do yoga (it’s not), that it is only for women (it’s not), and that it is only for athletic body types (it’s not). Basically, nearly anyone can join Aerial Yoga North East London classes! There are classes aimed towards first-timers, and ones that welcome men and even children. While some studios do have a 250lb limit to do aerial yoga for safety reasons, there are also Aerial Yoga North East London Studios that offer modifications or added padding to reduce any possible discomfort. Don’t wait until you’re the ‘right body shape’ – take the leap and see if Aerial Yoga is for you!


What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial Yoga is exactly like giving your body a really good workout while also being cradled like a baby. It may sound strange, but this wonderful way to do aerial yoga has proven to be extremely popular amongst yoga lovers. After all, you’ll still get deep stretches and even be working your core and other muscles! The biggest difference compared to mat yoga is that with aerial yoga classes in North East London, most of your body weight will be supported by the hammock or a sling. In a way, this makes it easier to do the poses! 


Preparing for Aerial Yoga North East London Classes

Don’t let gravity stop you! Aerial Yoga, also aptly known as Anti Gravity Yoga, can be very empowering once you get over the initial fear of being a few inches off the ground. For your Aerial Yoga class in North East London, wear form-fitting clothing that cover the knees and underarms to avoid chafing. Avoid wearing any jewelry and you’re good to go!

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