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Carlisle Aerial Yoga Classes

It's time to defy gravity! Well, you won’t actually be defying gravity, but it sure will feel like it! Aerial Yoga, also known as anti-gravity yoga, is a fun and therapeutic way to do standing and seated yoga poses, balancing postures, and even inversions. Don’t worry, first-timers are welcome and encouraged to join. By the end of your first couple of Carlisle Aerial yoga classes, you’ll feel lighter, stronger, and more confident!


What is Aerial Yoga?

Imagine entering a room with low hanging silk hammocks dropping from the ceiling. Then imagine carefully hoisting yourself up on one and being cradled by the fabric like a baby as you strike a yoga pose. That, my friend, is aerial yoga! Aerial yoga classes aren’t as difficult as it may initially seem; not only do Carlisle Aerial yoga studios offer classes for complete beginners (for both men and women), there are also classes for children!


The hammocks are safely secured with support chains and are generally able to handle 2000 pounds, so that’s one less thing on your mind. Once you’re on it, you’ll forget all about gravity!


The Benefits of Aerial Yoga Classes in Carlisle

Aerial yoga is a low-impact exercise, making it ideal for those experiencing knee problems. You’ll also find that you’ll be engaging your core and working on your abs for balance without realizing it! Other benefits include increased flexibility, better focus, stronger muscles, and reduced stress. If you’re already doing other types of yoga, you may find that doing poses on a mat become easier after doing aerial yoga. Carlisle Aerial Yoga classes are definitely worth a try!

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