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10 Basic Japanese Phrases FREE Infographic

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We searched the internet and surveyed many of our language teachers about which would be the most helpful words or short phrases to learn in Japanese. Our free infographic for basic Arabic phrases is the result of our research and feedback. We hope you like it!

  1. ‘Hello’ in Japanese to greet somebody.
  2. ‘My name is’ in Japanese when you want to tell somebody your name.
  3. ‘How much’ in Japanese for when you want to buy something.
  4. ‘Yes/No’ in Japanese.
  5. ‘Thank you’ in Japanese for when you want to be polite.
  6. ‘I don’t understand’ in Japanese for when you’re confused.
  7. ‘Please’ in Japanese for when you want to use manners.
  8. ‘Where’ in Japanese for when you’re looking for something.
  9. ‘Excuse me’ in Japanese for when you want to get somebodies attention.
  10. ‘Goodbye’ in Japanese for when you’re leaving.

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